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Winegrower and glassblower, meet the craftsmen of Lorraine

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Parc naturel régional de Lorraine

Regional nature parks are created to protect and enhance large inhabited rural areas. A "Regional Nature Park" can be classified as a predominantly rural territory whose landscapes, natural environments and cultural heritage are of high quality, but whose balance is fragile. A Regional Nature Park is organized around a concerted project of sustainable development, based on the protection and enhancement of its natural and cultural heritage. In France, there are 58 Regional Nature Parks. They are united within the Federation of Regional Natural Parks of France

Our missions
The Regional Nature Parks aim to establish an economic and social development of the territory, while preserving and enhancing the natural, cultural and landscape heritage. The richness of the Parks lies in the transversality they demonstrate, by integrating biodiversity issues into their territorial projects.

The five missions of the Regional Nature Parks (article R333-4 of the Environment Code)

1. the protection and management of natural, cultural and landscape heritage,
2. the development of the territory,
3. economic and social development,
4. the reception, the education and the information,
5. experimentation and innovation.

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  • Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional
  • ISO 14001
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