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4-star stay in Verdun in the footsteps of the First World War

Prepare yourself for an immersive experience in Verdun! A real open-air history book, Meuse has a memorable journey back in time in store for you. Set off with your partner in the footsteps of bygone soldiers and get to know about their everyday lives as you explore the Battle of Verdun’s unmissable sites. The 4-star Les Jardins du Mess hotel will provide you with a warm welcome for your historical getaway.


Enjoy a 4-star stay in the heart of Verdun

Located on the banks of the Meuse in Verdun, the 4-star Les Jardins du Mess hotel promises you an unforgettable stay. This typically 19th-century residence bears witness to a storied past, as it was Verdun’s officers’ mess. These days, the hotel combines modernity with old-world charm in an unequalled historical setting. Its stylish, sunlit rooms are the guarantee of a stay to remember.

Become a soldier for a day in the Underground Citadel

Your immersion in history starts underground, in the boots of Jean Rivière, a soldier in the First World War. Sent to the Citadel while the Battle of Verdun is underway, he meets three other infantrymen. Worn out by the war, they share their stories, fears and views on warfare… as well as the unwavering love they have for their families.

Through the three individuals’ journeys, you get to know about the famous Battle of Verdun and its role in the war. Immerse yourself in a soldier’s difficult and highly uncertain daily life, thanks to augmented reality, projections and special effects. Bring your history lessons to life as you follow in the footsteps of those who made it and roam the former galleries, mess and kitchens.


Take to the heights at the Verdun Memorial

Continue your visit at the fascinating Verdun Memorial, an unmissable site built on the battleground. The guided tour will provide you with unique understanding of the battle, described from French and German points of view alike. Audiovisual shows, objects and archive documents trace this dramatic page in our history instructively and with true emotion.

The virtual reality experience will project you into Verdun’s landscape, from the final moments of peace to the living hell of the shelling, and up to the construction of commemorative monuments on these devastated lands.

Set off in conquest of the military forts

On course for a guided tour of the First World War’s forts, the Battle of Verdun’s nerve centres. You can explore Fort Douaumont or Fort Vaux, whichever takes your fancy.

Captured at the beginning of the battle, Fort Douaumont stayed in German hands for eight months. Relive its occupation through photographs from the era, archives documents and testimonies.

You want to understand what daily life was like for French soldiers besieged by the enemy forces? Then off to Fort Vaux. Resistance held firm in its walls for 100 days before its occupants surrendered, overcome by thirst, isolation and exhaustion.

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