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For an incredible walk in Vosges, head to the Hohneck!

I’m part of Grand Est’s subalpine landscapes and an iconic peak in the Massif des Vosges, straddling Alsace and Lorraine. I’m... the Hohneck! This peak offers breathtaking hikes and a variety of outdoor activities. Here’s an overview of one of the most popular places in the Massif des Vosges.

Hohneck , route des crêtes

The Hohneck a historical border in the heart of the Massif des Vosges

With an elevation of 1,363 m, the Hohneck is the third highest summit in the Massif des Vosges. While its west side, in Lorraine, features gentle slopes, its Alsace side is known for its steepness. It used to be one of the only points where you could cross the mountain between Gérardmer (Lorraine) and Munster (Alsace)!

The Hohneck partly owes its popularity as a place to get out in nature to the tramways built to take tourists from Munster and Gérardmer to its peak. These lines transported many walkers and were used respectively until 1914 and 1939.

Randonnée sur la Route des Crêtes
Grande cascade de Tendon
Van sur la Route des Crêtes
Massif du Hohneck

An iconic subalpine landscape in Grand Est

The Hohneck’s biodiversity is one of the richest in the Massif des Vosges and delights nature lovers. It is one of the only places in Grand Est where you can find typical subalpine vegetation. It’s such a pleasure to walk in Vosges surrounded by wild blueberries on the moor, twisted trees deformed by the wind and high-altitude meadows reminiscent of the Highlands!

This is the perfect place to go to find European hare and chamois, especially on the Alsace cliffs. To go back to the origins of the famous Munster cheese, this is also where Vosgienne cows graze, recognisable by their pretty mottled coat. Twice a year, the renowned transhumance sees farmers lead their cattle to the high pastures. It is the largest festival in the Massif des Vosges and an unmissable folkloric spectacle.

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From spectacular hikes to alpine sports, there’s so much going on at the Hohneck

Picture an outstanding panoramic view where the plains unfurl at your feet, with the Black Forest in the distance and eventhe Alps on a clear day. You’re more likely to be able to enjoy this breathtaking view to its fullest in winter!

Hiking the Hohneck is a classic. It is even one of the stages of the famous Route des Crêtes. For a lovely walk in the Massif des Vosges, follow the Sentier des Névés trail from the Hohneck to the peak of Kastelberg.

Sporty types can ski at La Bresse Hohneck starting at dawn for a truly unique experience. Climbing fans will enjoy the eastern slope, and experienced mountain-climbers will be able to tackle the rocky “Spitzkoepfe” crest.

Vue sur le Hohneck

Stay on the marked paths: the ridge environment is not just fragile, as with all mountain outings, you must take the necessary precautions. Happy hiking in Vosges!

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