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Festival SOIRS À PRESSOIRS – summer scenes in the heart of the vineyards


Les Insupportés

Soirs à Pressoirs is the joyful creative madness of ten demanding, multidisciplinary artists who reinvent the collective and build together. At Soirs à Pressoirs, the Company brings together all its vital forces to create a show. Soirs à Pressoirs is a unique, free, evolving object in tune with the times, where popular live entertainment has been meeting a diverse audience in the heart of the vineyards every summer for the past eight years. Soirs à Pressoirs is a reunion between Les Insupportés, Domaine Borès and Reichsfeld.

15 Chemin du Leh
67140 Reichsfeld
I'm going by train!
06 87 57 96 32
Labels & Certifications écoresponsable
  • Tourisme et Handicap
  • Accueil Paysan
  • Divertissement durable
  • NF Environnement – Sites de loisirs
  • HVE