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Small Salon of the Camille Claudel Museum

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Camille Claudel was living in Nogent-sur-Seine when, still a teenager, she affirmed her vocation as an artist.
There she met the sculptor Alfred Boucher who understood her exceptional talent and was able to advise her in her apprenticeship, first in Nogent-sur-Seine and then in Paris.
Today, the house in which she lived forms a wing of the vast building that houses the museum.
Forty-five works by Camille Claudel allow visitors to discover all the stages and facets of her artistic career. They follow a group of 150 sculptures representative of the very rich production of her time, from Alfred Boucher to Auguste Rodin, via Paul Dubois and Antoine Bourdelle.
This perspective shows the extent to which Camille Claudel was part of her time while at the same time standing out in a profoundly original way.
Throughout the year, the museum offers a rich program of temporary exhibitions, conferences, events, guided tours and modeling workshops for families and young people.

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