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The old town, from the cathedral to Petite France

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Office de tourisme de Strasbourg et sa Région

Welcome to Strasbourg!
There are a thousand and one ways to (re)discover the capital of Alsace, and this is what we want to show to all the curious through our program of guided walking tours (for individuals) with a guide-lecturer.
Strasbourg is a two-thousand-year-old city with a unique cultural and architectural heritage.
The Grande Ile and Neustadt districts, which have witnessed the city's evolution since the Middle Ages, are monumental ensembles of remarkable quality, both of which are classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Walking through the streets of the city, marvelling at the prodigious Notre-Dame cathedral, observing the variety of its architecture, is to set off on a journey through time, to meet the events and people who have shaped it and contributed to its influence.
History, architecture, gastronomy, modern and contemporary art, famous men and women, legends, unusual anecdotes, visits by day, by night, in summer, at Christmas... there is something for everyone. Even children are not left out, with a dedicated program during the short school vacations.
In total, there are about sixty different themes, presented throughout the year, which allow you to discover our beautiful city in a new light. Whatever the theme chosen, we guarantee that no one will be disappointed by what they learn.
All our guided tours are conducted by professionally certified guides.
We hope that these tours will make you appreciate Strasbourg (even more) and wish you many wonderful discoveries!

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