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Office de Tourisme de la vallée de la Bruche

45 minutes west of the Alsatian metropolis, the Bruche valley extends from the foothills in the heart of the central Vosges mountains to the borders of Lorraine. This valley, bordered by the highest peaks of the Lower Rhine, combines forest massifs, medium altitude pastures and high stubble fields.
The Bruche river runs through the valley, a natural "link" between the sandstone Vosges and the granitic Vosges, from which it takes its name.
An unusual image of the Alsatian landscape, the Bruche valley, under its Vosges finery and its ancient French-speaking tradition, nevertheless claims loud and clear an art of living that says it all about belonging to Alsace!

114 Grand'rue
03 88 47 18 51 https://www.valleedelabruche.fr
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