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All-you-can-eat buffets at the Chocolate Museum



Embark on the most gourmet of experiences: new tour route!

Located on the Schaal production site near Strasbourg, Les Secrets du Chocolat invites you to take a gourmet journey into the world of Schaal chocolate, from yesterday to today, from Ecuador to Alsace and from the bean to the chocolate.
Discover all our secrets during your visit to the new museum, by browsing the 4 immersive spaces:

Passing on the Manufacturing Secrets: Walk through the chocolate museum and discover all the manufacturing secrets of Schaal, Chocolatier des chocolatiers. Young and old will even have the pleasure of tasting our chocolate candies.

Share the Secrets of the Chocolate Apprentices: An immersion in the Chocolatiers' Laboratory where many workshops for all ages are organized to teach you the techniques of the chocolate maker. Make your own chocolate with your family and take your creation home with you!

Taste the Secrets of the Gourmands: Take a gourmet break in our restaurant and indulge in the chocolate museum boutique.

Rue du pont du péage
67118 Geispolsheim
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03 88 55 04 90