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Animal park of Sainte-Croix

120 hectares of greenery and the meeting of rare and emblematic animals: this is the promise of the Sainte Croix Animal Park. Let’s go for a day in the wild with your family!

Located in a preserved natural area, the park is specialized in European fauna. It hosts more than 1,500 animals living in semi-liberty, including 100 endangered species. The Sainte-Croix animal park is also a conservatory for endangered species and is involved in numerous programs to reintroduce animals from the wild.

The different thematic trails will allow you to have unique animal encounters.
Have you always dreamed of going on a safari in unknown lands? Get your adrenaline flowing with the Expedition Sauvage! On a Safari-train you will meet wolves, bison, Scottish cows, cormorants, pelicans, aurochs, tarpan horses and elks.

The large spaces of the deer plain will allow you to observe the deer. And why come to admire the impressive spectacle of the bellowing in the fall?

With Le Voyage de Néo, Mission Biodiversité, 8 challenges are to be taken up! Barefoot routes, canoe trips, dead-end maze: fun and educational missions await young and old to better understand current environmental issues. And of course, you will find emblematic animals. Among the most popular (and most cute) are the red pandas and the lemurs.

Then head to the great North American outdoors with the New World! This 8.5-hectare green setting is home to species from the other side of the Atlantic: black bears, American bison, coyotes and prairie dogs.

At the Parc de Sainte Croix, you can also observe up close (and in complete safety) the 4 largest carnivores in Europe, namely the gray wolf, the boreal lynx, the wolverine and the brown bear. A complete course is dedicated to this endangered animal.

And why not extend the experience by sleeping one night close to the animals?

  • Average duration 1 day
  • Languages spoken French, English, German
  • Difficulty Suitable for all
  • Tourism & Handicap
  • A day in the wilderness to discover unique animal species
  • Many activities adapted to all ages
  • Exceptional visit in the Top 1 Zoos and Parks of France in 2019 and 2020
A sustainable & responsible offering

Respecting and protecting nature, favouring short supply chains, putting women and men at the heart of the experience, prioritising environmentally friendly practices, discovering the sharing economy and more. We share all of these values in Grand Est, and they are the basis of responsible and sustainable tourism.

This offering is fully in line with these values. By booking it, you contribute to supporting more sustainable and responsible tourism. What’s not to like?

Prices & opening times

Liberté ticket 3-11 years old: 18,50 €.

What’s included
  • Access to the animal park
Opening times

The St. Croix Wildlife Park will be open during the February vacations (February 5-20, 2022) and from April 1 through November 12, 2022.

From 27,50 € Sold by: Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix
Address: Lorraine
Route de Sainte-Croix
57810 Rhodes
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Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix

With more than 350,000 visitors per year, the Sainte-Croix Wildlife Park has become in 40 years a reference in France and in Europe for the presentation of European fauna and endangered species. In a green setting of 120 hectares, 4 discovery trails take you to meet more than 1,500 animals from 100 species living in semi-liberty. Bears, deer, lynx, wolves, lemurs, red pandas and several packs of wolves will no longer hold any secrets for you! To extend your visit, 46 Nature Lodges will allow you to live a unique experience: sleeping in the heart of a large animal park close to the wild animals.

Supplier’s address:
Route de Sainte-Croix
57810 RHODES
03 87 03 94 27
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