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Immersion Tour – Champagne Alfred Tritant


SCEV Champagne Alfred TRITANT

Since 1930, Alfred Tritant has followed in the tradition of the independent winegrower by being a Récoltant Manipulant. Today, Jean-Luc Weber-Tritant is at the head of the family business, producing Champagnes Grands Crus from grapes grown in Bouzy and Ambonnay, and the renowned Coteaux Champenois “Bouzy Rouge”. The vineyards have been certified organic since April 2023. Come and visit our cellar to discover the history of our Alfred Tritant estate and how we make our champagnes.

23 Rue de Tours sur Marne
51150 Bouzy
I'm going by train!
03 26 57 01 16
Labels & Certifications écoresponsable
  • AB
  • HVE