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Jeu de Piste – Tellureland: Cobalt and the Evil Object

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Parc Tellure - Mine d'Argent

Tellure – Mine d’Argent combines a museum “Cité de la mine” with an underground guided tour of the 16th century Saint Jean Engelsbourg silver mine accessible under the building. The classic tour includes: the underground guided tour (1h) + the museum part (1h) Dive into the depths of the earth… put on your helmet and let’s go! The Tellure silver mine, dug by hand and exploited for nearly 400 years. In addition to this “classic” visit, other underground and fun activities are offered such as caving, Via Ferrata or an Escape Game.

Petite Liepvre
Lieu-dit Tellure
68160 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines
03 89 49 98 30
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