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Day at Argonne Discovery Park

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Parc Argonne Découverte

The Argonne Discovery Park is an animal park that combines education and entertainment. Located in the woods, it presents about sixty animal species, from the most fascinating (2 packs of wolves, owls, storks, eagles, vultures, parrots, bats, raccoons...) to the most common (farmyard animals, rodents, new pets).

The days are punctuated by meetings with the caretakers: free-flying bird shows (from April to the end of August), wolf meals, Théâtre du Vivant, activities at the Petite Ferme, animal films, etc. The aviaries, forest enclosures and exhibits are also open to the public, so that visitors can observe the animals in good conditions.

The Park offers a large play area, "the Bonds Hammock", which consists of a set of nets suspended between the trees, with a trampoline effect. A real playground for young and old!

As for the restaurant, picnic areas are available and a restaurant offers indoor and take-away meals.

RD946, Bois de Roucy
08250 Olizy-Primat
03 24 71 07 38 https://www.parc-argonne-decouverte.fr
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