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An easily accessible destination in the heart of Europe

In addition to the extraordinary variety of its territory and heritage, the Grand Est Region (Eastern France) has another undeniable advantage: its unique location.
Its location coupled with an extensive TGV network enables rapid access from Paris and neighbouring countries alike. Germany, Switzerland and Benelux. Eastern France is at the crossroads of cultures. With such an enviable situation and easy accessibility (rail network and air connections), it’s the ideal place for your next event.

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Eastern France’s advantages

Eastern France possesses very definite advantages is a great many areas, a region of stunning variety whose cultural capital is only equalled by its luxuriant natural heritage.

With no fewer than seven sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and a territory more than generous in its natural bounty, our region offers a varied range of venues for your events that are atypical, authentic and eco-friendly all in one. Whether it’s in the heart of the countryside or in the city centre, in an unexpected location or fabulous château, you’ll find the ideal venue for your next event here! EasternFrance’s cities also provide a wide choice of exhibition centres with modular halls and conference centres equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our 10 congress cities

Eastern France has no fewer than 10 congress cities to choose from for your events and conferences. Showcases of modernity and tradition alike, equipped to host all your business events.

Prestigious, dynamic, creative, natural – Eastern France’s congress cities seamlessly combine innovation and expertise to provide you and your employees with the ideal setting for your exchanges.




    in Eastern France


L'auditorium du Centre de Congrès de Metz

A Smart Offer

Responsible, sustainable, respectful and forward-looking... business tourism for a different future, focused on experience and the environment and in step with technological evolutions: this is what the Grand Est Region is committed to developing in all its aspects.

As sustainable event management is the future, the Grand Est region’s MICE sector partners have been acting as true pioneers, fully committed to development of responsible, sustainable event management for several years now. Many of them have already obtained ISO 20121 certification, an international standard that seeks to control an event’s social, environmental and economic impact.

This new form of event management also aims to be digital, and our partners have already reinvented themselves in order to be in full harmony with the new trends enabling acquisition of new audiences. As regards hotels and seminar venues, there are increasing numbers of offers facilitating organisation of hybrid meetings including videoconference systems and interactive touchscreens. Event management agencies have also developed a broad range of remote event offers, facilitating video recording and livestreaming in the Grand Est Region’s major venues.


  • The Bioeconomy for Change cluster

    This is France’s benchmark Bioeconomy cluster, in Europe and on the international scene alike. It has more than 500 members, from upstream agricultural production to the marketing of finished products and including agricultural cooperatives, research institutions and universities, companies of all sizes and public actors.

  • The Biovalley France Cluster

    This cluster concentrates on innovation in healthcare. It was certified in 2005 and has 4 work focuses: medical technologies, innovative drugs and therapies, diagnosis, and e-health.

  • The Vehicle of the Future cluster

    This cluster was certified in 2005 and focuses on solutions for the vehicles and mobilities of tomorrow’s world.

  • The Fibres Energivies cluster

    The result of a merger between the Fibres and Energivies clusters in 2015, the cluster is involved in the following 5 strategic fields of action: sustainable fibres and materials, the chemistry of lignocellulosic biomass, construction processes and systems, circular economy, and energy networks and flows.

  • The Materalia cluster

    Born of the merger of Lorraine’s “MIPI” and Champagne-Ardenne’s “P2MI” competiveness clusters, the Materalia cluster was certified in 2007 and has become the national reference in the field of materials and procedures for processing materials for industrial use.

  • The Hydreos cluster

    This cluster in Alsace-Lorraine was certified in 2010 for its commitment to eco-technologies and focuses on the quality of continental waters.