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Day at Nigloland amusement park



In 2023, live the Nigloland fairy tale!

Dive into the heart of the forest to discover more than 43 attractions and shows for young and old as well as 8 themed restaurants in an exceptional natural setting.
Krampus Expedition, the unique aquatic roller coaster in France, takes you on a sensational adventure. Go down the slopes of the mountains at high speed and experience a super splash in the giant waterfalls.

After challenging Krampus Expedition, thrill-seekers will face Alpina Blitz, the stunning roller coaster or Donjon de l'Extrême, the highest and most sensational attraction in France.

Nigloland is also one of the most suitable amusement parks for children from a very young age with 27 attractions accessible to children under 1 meter tall. This year, the Fairy River invites visitors to live a new wonderful adventure in a magical kingdom. The park enchants the little ones and lets them experience their first sensations with Noisette Express, the family's favorite roller coaster, or Zabeilles, an attraction that lets children take control of a bee while flying over an enchanted universe.

A few steps from the park, the Pirates Hotel**** invites you to extend your stay in a setting inspired by the most beautiful pirate legends.

The restaurant of the Hotel des Pirates**** welcomes guests every evening as well as at lunchtime on Sundays and holidays to enjoy its refined buffets.

Nigloland is located in the heart of Champagne, between Troyes and Chaumont, only 2 hours from Paris.
The parking is free.

D 619
10200 Dolancourt
Phone : 03 25 27 94 52

Opening calendar
The park is open from April 8 to November 5, 2023 according to the calendar available on

10200 Dolancourt
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03 25 27 94 52