Verdun Stenay

A cultural and gastronomic route

59,84 km


  • Doulcon: the Ipoustéguy Cultural Centre, dedicated to the work of the world-famous artist; the Green Lake and leisure centre.

  • Dun-sur-Meuse: the upper town, its church and medieval ramparts

  • Stenay: the Beer Museum

On the way to Dun-sur-Meuse and then Stenay, along the narrow green roads along the Meuse. On the programme: picturesque landscapes, cultural stops, family activities and a gastronomic break!

Climb back in the saddle to take the road to Dun-sur-Meuse, birthplace of the famous 20th-century sculptor Jean Robert Ipoustéguy, whose works are exhibited all over the world (Tokyo, Washington, Paris, Berlin, London...). Gourmets take note: Dun is also the birthplace of La Dunoise, the famous craft beer! You'll have to earn it: the coastline here is famous. This isolated 81-metre-high hill overlooks the Meuse valley from a superb vantage point. Visit the upper town of Dun: the church and ramparts are fine relics of the Middle Ages.

Take a break before heading back to Doulcon, where you can park your bikes for a trip to the leisure centre, in particular Lac Vert, offering 500 m2 of sand and plenty of activities for all the family.

Then it's on to Mont-devant-Sassey and its 11th-century Romanesque church. At Sassey-sur-Meuse, you can then take to the small, green country roads. It's impossible to enjoy it all this way by car! In Stenay, the Musée de la Bière awaits you, with over 2,500 m2 of exhibition space! At the end of your visit, take the time to taste a fresh local beer and nibble on a slice of Orval cheese...

Practical info

  • 59.84 km
    including 37 km on roads and 19 km on cycle paths

  • Access by train :

There is a cycle route between Verdun and Samogneux: from Verdun, follow the signs to avoid ending up on the main road.
Once past the village of Dun-sur-Meuse, head for Doulcon. The stage continues along small country roads past Sassey-sur-Meuse.