Saint-Mihiel Verdun

On the trail of the Great War

37,89 km


  • The underground citadel of Verdun, where you can relive some episodes of the Great War through augmented reality

  • Visit the Falouse trench at Dugny-sur-Meuse to see a real 1916 trench

The Meuse has a rich heritage inherited from the First World War. Visit historic sites and immerse yourself in the daily life of a Poilu, before taking a break in the town of Verdun.

Your cycling tour along the Meuse continues from Saint-Mihiel. At Dugny-sur-Meuse, a few kilometres south of Verdun, discover the Falouse fort, a small fort built between 1906 and 1908 and restored in 2010. Visit the trenches, dug in 1916 and now restored, as well as the garrison base, and learn about the daily life of soldiers behind the front. After Dugny-Sur-Meuse and Belleray, join the voie verte, which you will follow to the end of the stage.

When you reach Verdun, take a break and immerse yourself in the daily life of a Poilu during the Great War: the memory will stay with you forever. In the underground citadel, wearing an augmented reality headset, immerse yourself in history and witness several key episodes in the history of the First World War. You'll walk through the underground passages of the citadel, which still seem to vibrate with presence and history, in the shoes of a soldier accompanied by three other Poilus. As you leave this unique immersive experience, let yourself be carried away by the gentle, peaceful atmosphere of the town. Stroll along the Quai de Londres, where the terraces open out onto the river.

If you want to continue your historical journey, head 10km from Verdun town centre: its famous battlefield is revealed in the surrounding countryside. The Douaumont ossuary and necropolis and the Verdun memorial are major sites for a more in-depth visit.

Practical info

  • 38.32 km
    34 km on roads
    4 km on cycle lane

  • Access by train :

The route follows busy secondary roads. After Dugny-Sur-Meuse and Belleray, follow the voie verte to Verdun. Beware, if you wish to reach the battlefield, the climb is fairly steep.