Charleville-Mézières Monthermé

Venturing into the heart of the Ardennes

20,75 km


  • At Bogny-sur-Meuse, the viewpoint and legend of the 4 Aymon sons and the Musée de la Métallurgie Ardennaise (Ardennes metalworking museum)

  • In Monthermé, the many viewpoints overlooking the Meuse valley

As you leave Charleville-Mézières, the terrain becomes more rugged, and the meadows turn into dense, mysterious forests that are the stuff of local legends and tales... In the heart of the Ardennes Massif, discovering the region by bike is full of surprises.

The first stop is Bogny-sur-Meuse, where you can visit the Musée de la Métallurgie Ardennaise. Housed in a former industrial building, it is dedicated to the history of metallurgy in the Meuse valley. Lovers of mineralogy can round off their visit with a visit to the Musée des minéraux, roches et fossiles des Ardennes!

On the heights of the town, a discovery trail immerses you in a famous local legend, that of the 4 Aymon sons, the heroes of one of the most famous medieval songs. Their silhouettes have become a fixture in the landscape of rocky ridges emerging from the Ardennes forest. Renaud, Allart, Richard and Guichard, the four companions were fleeing Emperor Charlemagne and his troops, ready to lay siege to their castle at Montessor. Thanks to the fairy-horse Bayard, they were able to cross the valley in a single leap... A beautiful statue overlooking the valley depicts the four brothers surrounding their horse Bayard. This is where Montessor castle would have dominated the valley!

A little effort and a few good pedal strokes later, we reach Monthermé and the Roche à Sept Heures viewpoint, overlooking the perfect loop of the Meuse...

Get back on your bike and head for the penultimate stage of your epic journey along the river.

Practical info

  • 20.75 km
    including 18.6km on cycle lanes

  • Access by train :
    Charleville-Mézières, Nouzonville, Joigny-sur-Meuse, Bogny-sur-Meuse, Monthermé

To leave Charleville, take the Mont Olympe footbridge next to the Musée Rimbaud. A little further on, you join the greenway that runs alongside the Meuse, which you follow as far as Monthermé.