Monthermé Haybes

Landscapes of legends

33,93 km


  • The Dames de Meuse natural site

  • The Museum of Old Revin

  • Terraltitude Park in Fumay

  • In Haybes, the Maison des randonnées and the Platale viewpoint

The penultimate stage of your cycle tour along the River Meuse passes through the most incised section of theArdennes massif. Forest-covered slopes, breathtaking views from the top of rocky ridges: nature is everywhere!

This is one of the most spectacular stages of your cycling itinerary. Here, the forest-covered slopes, bathed in deep silence, tumble down the rocky outcrops into the Meuse, revealing outcrops of schist, widely used in local architecture. In fact, you're in the cradle of slate, extracted from the schist subsoil so characteristic of the Ardennes massif.

You are surrounded by landscapes of legends, such as that of the Dames de Meuse at Laifour. It gives its name to the imposing rocks lining the river and recalls the story of Hermengarde, wife of the Sire of Montcornet who left on a crusade, and her nieces, all of whom hoped for the return of the lord. The rest is a tale of jealousy, courtly love, death and magic...

At the foot of these majestic rocks, in the small village of Revin, the Maison Espagnole is one of the last remaining witnesses to the Hispanic occupation of the town, which lasted until 1769! In this 16th-century building, one of the last timber-framed houses in Revin, you can discover several different worlds, from the interiors of a modest Revin family in the early 20th century to the foundry trade, an essential activity in the Meuse Valley.

A little further on, discover the town of Fumay, considered to be the capital of slate, which made the town's fortune in the mid-19th century.

Finally, you reach the village ofHaybes to round off this stage. This is the starting point for numerous hikes and ridge paths, which you can study at the Maison des Randonnées. Our tip: don't miss the view from the Platale!

Practical info

  • 33.93 km
    of which 25 km on cycle lanes / 9 km on roads

  • Access by train :
    Monthermé, Laifour, Anchamps, Revin, Fumay, Haybes

The stage follows the Trans-Ardennes green route along the Meuse.