Neufchâteau Vaucouleurs

In the footsteps of Joan of Arc

39,37 km


  • Frebécourt: view of the medieval castle of Bourlémont

  • View of the meandering Meuse from the forecourt of the Basilique Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc

  • Domremy-la-Pucelle: Joan of Arc Birthplace and Interpretation Centre, Bois Chenu Basilica

  • Vaucouleurs: Porte de France and Chapelle Castrale

From the plains of the Vosges to the Meuse countryside, immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and follow in the footsteps of Joan of Arc.

Continuing on by bike, you'll pass through Frébécourt. From the Voie Verte, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Château de Bourlémont, which dominates the landscape of the western Vosges.

Heading towards Domrémy, the route climbs up to the Basilique Sainte Jeanne d'Arc. A must-see site, the building was constructed in the 19th century in the immediate vicinity of the place where Joan is said to have heard her voices. Overlooking the valley, the site offers a breathtaking view of the meandering Meuse.

Domremy-la-Pucelle still bears the nickname of Joan of Arc, the young fighter with an incredible destiny. A visit to her birthplace in the heart of the village is a must. The interior is deliberately uncluttered to make it a place of remembrance. The interpretation centre is the place to go to learn more about Jeanne and the historical context of the period. Through a variety of objects, costumes and interactive displays, you can find out more about Joan's childhood in the Vosges, her role in the Hundred Years' War and the imaginary world of Joan.

Vaucouleurs may be your point of arrival, but for Joan it was the starting point of her epic journey. The Porte de France, which she passed through in 1429, and the castral chapel where she came to pray, bear witness to the active role played by Vaucouleurs in Joan's story. The town is also home to France's only museum dedicated to the famous Vosges woman.

Practical info

  • 39.37 km

  • Access by train :

Leaving Neufchâteau towards Domremy, a 6km greenway leads to Coussey. The rest of the route is asphalt on a shared road with little traffic. The only significant difference in altitude is the climb up to the Basilique Sainte Jeanne d'Arc towards Domremy-la-Pucelle.