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3 ideas to help you reconnect with nature in Grand Est

See, touch, hear, smell and taste nature, its landscapes, history and know-how: ecotourism in Grand Est invites you to discover these treasures differently through sensory experiences, unexpected encounters and responsible adventures. With activities for solo travellers, families and groups of friends, where will you start?


Idea 1 – All things vines

There are plenty of things to do in a vineyard. With activities to enjoy, plants to discover and  to go on, you’re spoilt for choice if you want to make original memories. How about an authentic experience in the heart of the Champagne Dumont winegrowing estate centred around the people who work there? Spend a few hours with the Dumont family, who will awaken your curiosity and senses during an experience that’s far more than a tour or a tasting.

Explore the estate’s vineyards with ecologist-fairy Delphine. Put your boots on and go truffle hunting following her truffle dog or savour the estate’s bubbly delights as you listen to the secrets of their terroir. Learn to recognise its fruity characteristics and the finesse of its bubbles.

Share this incredible experience in the heart of the Côte des Bar vineyard with your family or friend(s). Enjoy good times that’ll be a feast for your eyes and your taste buds!

Biodynamix , L'empreinte des fées
Les vendanges
L'empreinte des fées

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Idea 2 – On the lookout for wildlife

In Alsace, in the heart of Wangenbourg-Engenthal (a “station verte” – France’s first ecotourism label) follow in the footsteps of Nicolas, an image hunter, to discover secret and timid nature. With your camera in hand, learn to be as quiet as the animals that live in our forests and get an introduction to the technical aspects of outdoor photography.

In Champagne, set off on a walk with a donkey, starting at the eco-friendly Au Milieu de Nulle Part holiday cottages. Make the most of this location in the middle of nowhere, right by the Lac du Der, where you can admire thousands of common cranes in one place! Discover the exceptional wealth of biodiversity in the Der ponds through the eyes of a donkey. Cross various natural environments and discover the region’s typical timber-framed churches.

Au pas de lane

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Idea 3 - All things forests

In Alsace, forests, plains, vineyards, meadows, rivers and hills naturally come together to shape a unique and remarkable landscape, making it the perfect place to find lasting happiness. The region is teeming with activities to help you fully experience a new self or rediscover yourself.

Discover forest therapy, where you meditate, strengthened by the energy of the forest. “Naturez-soi” invites you on a fun discovery of a forest that is both enchanted and sensory. With Laetitia, all your senses will be awakened via forest therapy, aromatherapy and cooking classes teaching family recipes. You’ll know all there is to know about the best features of the forest. 

Sylvothérapie et cuisine en forêt
Sylvothérapie et cuisine en forêt
Sylvothérapie et cuisine en forêt

All these fun and friendly outings will offer you a breath of fresh air, which is well-deserved after the testing times of the last few years when nature and human contact have been sorely missed. Of course, your safety will be ensured, and your experience preserved! So why wait any longer? Book your next ecotourism nature holiday now!

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